photo by nic zuhse

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creating a multimedia experience through movement that fuses the senses

who we are

Synaesthetic Dance Company is a group of artists aiming to fuse the senses through movement and technology. As both choreographers and dancers, we seek to illuminate the intersections of the sensory pathways using multimedia. By entwining visual, emotional, and physical stimuli, we strive to heighten the aesthetic beauty and inner poignancy of the human experience.

photos by nic zuhse


what we do

Synaesthetic Dance Company seeks to utilize contemporary avenues for the creation and presentation of dance to push the boundaries of performative storytelling. As artists in the 21st century, we are witnessing the creation of a virtual stage for dance. Inspired by these digital platforms, we aim to explore innovations in technology through collaborations with artists across disciplines. Each one of our members brings a unique style and approach to the art form of dance. By intertwining our individual strengths and stories through the lens of a camera and a virtual platform, we hope to spread our passion for dance to a wider audience.


support our work

To achieve our goals, Synaesthetic Dance Company will conduct a series of film productions and photo shoots throughout the year to create material for a presentation in Turner Theater at Elon University in May of 2018. Before the presentation, audience members will have the opportunity to browse a gallery of Synaesthetic’s photographic work and speak with members of the company. To support our work, send donations via GoFundMe and follow our social media pages to keep up with our fundraising events throughout the year.


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To learn more about Synaesthetic, find out ways to get involved, or ask a question, please send us a message via the contact form below.

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